Friday, December 20, 2013

the sing-off, season 4 (movie night)

(photo credit NBC)

(SPOILER ALERT:  The eliminated groups are mentioned at the end.)

Opening Number:  "Time of My Life"
One thing I like about the opening numbers in this competition is that they get better the further we get into it.  As the "fluff" groups leave, these big group pieces sound a lot tighter.

Home Free:  "Pretty Woman"
Good arrangement, good sound, good variety.  They're doing a great job in this competition.  Call me a killjoy, but I just don't want them to win.

Vocal Rush:  "Against All Odds"
The maturity of this group is just amazing.  I LOVED this.  They are so in control vocally.  They are also so aware.  I love that I can hear the soloists individuality when they sing, but yet when they step back into the choir, their blend is superb.  "Teamwork" is a hard thing to teach singers sometimes - especially younger ones.  The tendency is to always sing out, always show off, always prove something.  But these vocalists are about the group.  I just love them.

AcoUstiKats:  "Old Time Rock and Roll"
Fun.  But they're just too much into the "fun" part than I want them to be.  I'd rather focus on the arrangement and the musicality of a performance.  For me, choreography, a storyline, characters - all of that is optional and not really necessary.  So if the music suffers for the sake of those things, then I'm not sold.

The Filharmonic:  "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"
Bold move to start it all out with the solo, but it sounded great.  They went a couple places harmonically in their BGVs that I really liked.  However, this was a sloppy performance to me.  Started well but didn't end so well.

Voice Play:  "Don't You Forget About Me"
That was intense.  I liked the serious focus they put into this arrangement.  I will say, it seemed to kind of fall apart at the end.  Just a little.  I do agree with the judges in that it never really reached that climax we were all waiting for. 

Ten:  "Skyfall"
Because of the space in this song, I was immediately excited to see what they would do with it.  Loved the feel.  Loved the solos.  Loved how they let it get kind of empty towards the middle and then blasted it out at the end.  Really nice job.

The sing-off between AcoUstiKats and Voice Play was actually pretty even in the "wall of sound" department.  Voice Play did a great job holding their own.  I loved this arrangement and the ending was great!

Vocal Rush versus Ten?  What a powerhouse combo!  Impressive all around.

Very cool arrangement between The Filharmonics and Home Free.  I agree with Shawn.  I enjoyed hearing each group's individuality while also seeing them come together successfully.

Bye, Voice Play and AcoUstiKats.  Decent choice.

My Top 2:
1.  Vocal Rush
2.  Ten

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