Friday, January 3, 2014

it's a girl!

(Baby girl at 19 weeks)

Before this pregnancy, I was having doubts about ever having a girl.  Not that I didn't want one, but I had a feeling I was maybe going to be a "boy mom."  But after seeing how completely opposite this pregnancy was from the last, I became pretty convinced it would be a girl.  However, we were still just as thrilled when the ultrasound tech said, "Well, guys.  Things are lookin' pretty girly to me."

Duke believed it was a sister from the start (even though he kind of has no idea what that really means).  But the day we began telling him that it was, in fact, a sister, he insisted, "I wan brudder."  Welcome to toddlers. 

It was at this very moment last time around that it all became real to me - I was having a baby and it was a person and it was a boy.  This time, the same emotions came rushing in.  Knowing that I'm carrying a little girl who's going to be my little buddy in new and different "girl" ways is so exciting.

As of now, we are blessed with a sweet baby girl who is very healthy.  But with all of the other differences in this pregnancy, it's no surprise that she's in breech position and my placenta is borderline low.  I know there's still plenty of time for things to turn around (literally) so I'm praying that will be the case.  I would really love to have another natural birth.

Now that we're at the halfway point, we're beginning to think of names, dream about what her room will look like, and attempt to reorganize every inch of our house like all you other crazy pregnant women.  (Isn't it nice to finally be able to blame your overly-organized tendencies on nesting?)

We're so thankful for this new life!


  1. Oh yay! Girls are wonderful! Im sure you'll love it! I'm thinking I might be having a boy this time around but at the same time I can't imagine it! haha! Also there is still LOADS of time for the babes to turn around! Will definitely be praying for that though. My daughter was breech until 38 weeks at which time I had an "ECV" or 'got her turned'. It was so worth it! That being said im sure there wont be a problem for you and she will get into position when the time gets closer!

  2. Congratulations!!!! PS. my little girl was breech almost all the way to the very end, they started talking about scheduling a C-section so I went home and started walking and she started moving and turned around.


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