Friday, May 16, 2014

nova's due date day

I woke up this morning with an email reminding me that today was Nova's due date.  Thank goodness for Google Calendar or I just may have forgotten ...

Shortly after, I sat down to read the Jesus Calling devotional for today.  May 16th was all about resting/trusting in God's sovereignty, timing, and plan.  Thankfully, I've really been feeling well and I know Nova is healthy so I don't feel desperate to get her out.  Sure, I'm going to try everything I can but not out of frustration or misery.  It's mainly because I'm just excited to meet her.  I really do feel relaxed and at ease with the whole thing.

Last night's spicy salsa attempts at Ted's and curb-walking-jogging-lunging-jumping-jack-twerking walk didn't bring about any immediate change.  I only had maybe 4 or 5 Braxton Hicks contractions during the whole hour and a half.

(In the words of Rihanna and our walking-babies-out theme song, cheers to the freakin' weekend.)

(curb walking into lunges)

 (Sara was trying to attempt and demonstrate new exercises for me to do in a random person's yard.)

Today has been pretty uneventful as well (so far).  I did purchase and take some Evening Primrose Oil capsules at Walgreens to see if that would speed anything up, so we'll see what comes of that.  The lady at Walgreens said, "So when are you due?"  I replied, "Well, today!"  It's weird that it's May 16th - one, because I just never really thought the day would come; two, because if it did come, I figured I'd have a baby or be in labor by this point.  It feels very twilight zone-ish existing in the world today.

Every moment could be my last before going into labor so I've been preparing accordingly.  My bag is packed.  Duke's bag is packed.  (Colt's bag should be getting packed tonight ... ahem!)  Sheets have been changed.  Bathrooms have been cleaned.  Almost every floor in the house has been vacuumed or swept.  Every day this week, I've done one load of laundry so that we'll have a fresh start when we come home.  Things are constantly being picked up.  Obviously, none of these things are make-or-break for bringing a baby home, but since I have the time, why not?  My planner is absolutely clear and there's nothing for me to conjure up in my head to do.  I've been spending my time cleaning, playing with Duke, and doing anything physical that I possibly can.

There's a lot to anticipate as labor gets closer and closer.  Will I have back labor again?  How long will it be?  Will my water break first or will I start contracting like I did with Duke?  How dilated will I be when I show up to the hospital?  It's nerve-wrackingly fun to be where I am right now!

Can't wait to be announcing the birth of this sweet person who I already love so much!

(In the meantime, a really sweet friend is trying to win a trip to Rwanda alongside a really amazing team of women.  If you're a person who likes people and wants to see people live their dreams, then voteVote as many times as you possibly can until May 28th.  It would mean the world to her!)


  1. hang in there! baby will be here soon! if it is tomorrow she will have the same birthday as ryan!

  2. Ha! Your face is awesome in that picture.

  3. Little Nova is taking her sweet time! I am so glad that you have been feeling ok. God's timing is the best timing and she is going to have the perfect birthday! Praying for you, Claire!

  4. Peace to you! Ben was 5 days "overdue" and I know how much that "date" can get stuck in our minds. I remember wandering around the house (without a toddler to distract me), wondering when/what/how etc. Babies pick their days, not the doctor's estimator, right? Nova will pick the perfect birthday for herself.


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