Tuesday, November 4, 2014

coach, tami, mickey, and minnie

Halloween was a success!  Duke and Nova made a pretty cute Mickey and Minnie, I must say.  Those ears on both of them - I could hardly stand it!

(Duke was determined to make the adult-sized gloves work. :)) 

Colt and I enjoyed dressing up as the ultimate married couple, Coach Taylor and Tami.  I think somewhere in the back of my mind I think that another season of Friday Night Lights will magically appear on Netflix.  I just need to give it up.  Along those same lines, how are you all coping with the loss of Parenthood?   I'm not okay.  At this point, I can't even begin to imagine this ending well.  How in the world will they wrap all of these loose ends up in a believable-real-life-yet-kind-of-fairytale way??  And what will we watch when it's all over?  I finally finished Felicity after 3 years of off-and-on watching.  I already feel lost without the drama of Ben and Noel in my life.  And now I'm supposed to just finish Parenthood and find something else?  Life is just hard.

But back to Halloween.  It was great weather - just chilly enough to be considered fall, but not chilly enough to skip out on getting candy.  With a group of trick-or-treaters 3 and under, about 8 houses was all we could handle.  After a lot of "Okay, say trick-or-treat!" and  "What do you say??  Say 'Thank you!'" and "Only one!  Just one!  Get one and then move out of the way!" and "No, we don't need to go in their house!" we finished the evening with chili, sandwiches, and yummy treats.

I'm so thankful for a community of sweet friends and sweet kids.  Even though the night had its moments of chaos, I know we'll look back on times like this and laugh. 

Hope you all had a fun Halloween!


  1. I will cherish that last photo forever. Every child's face is perfect -- even Pearl's. So much going on: concern, annoyance, kindness, anger, and oblivion. It's the best.

  2. I LOVE your costume idea! Eric hates dressing up (not surprising) but I'm convinced we'll do something at some point when we actually have kids to dress up. And boo for the loss of Parenthood. We still have one more season but it'll be a while before we can watch it.

    Also, I LOVE the last photo.


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