Wednesday, February 18, 2015

all i wanna do is have some fun

"California, here we cooooome"

Last week, we went to California and it was my first time ever.  (I get to mark it off my 30x30 list!)  My earliest opinions of California were based on that little earthquake simulator that we had in the Omniplex (now Science Museum) when I was a kid.  I would step in that little box-like contraption, watch a video of streets splitting in half, and feel the ground shake below me.  I knew as a 6 year old that I would never live in California if it meant dodging cracks and falling buildings all my life.  But then, shows like California Dreams and Laguna Beach lightened my mood and redeemed it.  Maybe people aren't avoiding earthquakes 24/7 in California.  Maybe it's a ridiculously gorgeous place with perfect weather where I can see mountains and beach at the same time.  Yes, that's what it is.

We met up with our Portland friends, the Watsons, and all 8 of us stayed in a 4-bedroom home for the week.  We spent the majority of our time outside in the backyard with the three-nagers, babies, and fresh fruit growing from trees (oranges and lemons and grapefruit, oh my).

We had several outings to the beach throughout the week as well as a visit to the aquarium.

About 4 years ago, the 4 of us - Brad, Mirela, Colt, and I - sat in our living room and, unknowingly, had prepared to tell each other the same news.  "Well, we're pregnant," came out of their mouths first.  Colt and I looked at each other with enormous eyes and just laughed.  We said, "Um ... we are too!"  It was a beautiful moment and I will never forget it.  We lived our college days side-by-side, navigated our first year of marriage together in OKC (complete with Saturday breakfasts at Old School Bagel), and have made Portland/OKC trips a priority since they moved away in 2009.  They are family to us.

We are missing them so much already, but we feel so filled up from our time spent with them.


  1. Love these pics and reliving our week together. So grateful for every day, hour, and moments we got to spend together last week! Can't wait for our next adventure. Love you 4 and miss you dearly!
    (Crazy to believe that 4 years ago there were just 4 of us... now there are 8!!!)

    1. We absolutely loved it! And yes - I'm already looking forward to our next vacation together! :) Love you all!


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