Friday, August 28, 2015

mopak "labor"

This day has come but only after four long years of waiting.  You can probably guess why our (Mopak's) EP is entitled "Labor."  There are a few explanations that I could give, but the obvious one is that in the time we began recording this EP until now, our band has birthed a total of 6 children.  And if you guys didn't know, it's a bit difficult to write songs and record parts and publicize music when you're busy with little humans.  

I wrote this post back in 2012.  It's hard to believe that the album we are releasing now was still in the beginning stages in those photos.  I remember so vividly driving to the studio in Norman with Duke in the back and Karlie, my sister, along to help.  Between the three of us, we got our parts recorded, got baby Duke fed and sleeping, and made time for some Gray Owl coffee.

So many people got us to this point.  So many friends that have cheered us on and kept us excited about our music.  So many family members that have watched our kids.  So many wives (Kelsey and Megan) who have given up time with their husbands.  We're so grateful for all of it and we're thrilled to be finally sharing these songs with you all.

As of now, "Labor" is only up on Spotify, but in the coming days, it will be available on iTunes.  We'd love for you to check it out and spread the word!

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