Monday, March 19, 2012

babywise on the go

Babywise is working wonderfully for us.  However, something I had a hard time wrapping my brain around at first was making Babywise work for us when we were out.

Feeding, although sometimes inconvenient, obviously has to happen if you're out during meal time. Waketime is easy.  But the naps can be tricky.  Here are the things that we've done or still do when it comes to making Duke's naps happen.

1.  If we're going on a long-ish drive, we try to time it to where it's during Duke's naptime.  If your baby hates the carseat and doesn't fall asleep in the car, this may not apply to you.  We are blessed to have a baby that almost always falls asleep in the car.
2.  Have your baby fall asleep in your arms or someone else's arms.
3.  Rock your baby to sleep in his/her carseat.
4.  Put your baby to sleep in another room.  This is always my best bet on getting Duke to have a good nap.

I've discovered that skipping naps isn't really something that little babies can cope with well.  Even if it's just a cat nap (30-45 minutes), it's still better than nothing.

Getting out now, with Duke at almost 5 months, is very different than even just a month ago.  As he has gotten older, it's gotten easier.  It's so nice to have a schedule that works for us whether we stay in or go out!

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