Friday, August 24, 2012

10 month old schedule

It's funny to think about that time when I thought Duke was done with the 3rd nap.  Turns out, I think he's just now phasing it out.  Some nights we totally skip it.  Some nights we try it and he makes noise for 30 minutes.  Some nights we try it and he actually falls asleep (sometimes 30 minutes and sometimes it's even been 1.5 hours).  But in the past week, he's mostly been making noise.  So, I think we're about done with it.  Here's what we're doing:

8:30  Feed (nurse then fruit and cereal)

12:30  Feed (nurse then fruit and veggie)

3:45  Feed (nurse)
Catnap (very optional)

6:30  Feed (nurse then fruit, veggie, and cereal)

8:30  Feed (nurse)

After each meal, we give Duke some Gerber cereal puffs so he can pick up/eat food on his own.  (He loves this part of mealtime!)  Following the cereal puffs, we give him his sippy cup for a few minutes.  Once he starts throwing it around and dropping it on the floor, sippy cup time is done. :)

Waketime before his naps varies.  Sometimes it's 1.5 hours and sometimes it's 2 hours.  I watch Duke for his tired cues.  Morning and afternoon naps are anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours, but 2 hours is usually the norm.  He goes to bed around 8:45-9:00 and gets 11.5-12 hours of sleep.

In order for Duke to get the appropriate length of naps and night sleep while maintaining 5 feedings, we have to do a little bit of cramming when it comes to eating.  I asked a fellow Babywise friend when her baby dropped down to 4 feedings.  She said it was actually only recently (and he's about 4 months older than Duke).  By keeping 5 feedings, we have a bit of an oddly spaced schedule.  Duke goes the longest between the first/second and second/third feedings each day.  This is obviously due to the fact that he's napping.  But because I want a happy, well-rested 10 month old who will most likely not need a catnap later, I want him to sleep as long as he can.  So some days that third feeding of the day isn't until 4:15.  We just make sure we're back on schedule around the dinnertime feeding.  My plan is to continue to stick with 5 feedings until I go to his one year appointment and see how he's doing.  He'll be one before we know it!

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