Friday, November 30, 2012

living room - lights and woodwork

This is really, really belated.

Remember a million years ago when we made some updates in our master bathroom and music room?  Well, I mentioned that our living room needed some attention too.

We needed to de-clutter bit (although it seemed a bit counterproductive with Duke's toys all over the place).  Our other plans were to add recessed lighting and paint the woodwork white.  And we did it!

(Side note:  Painting the paneling and door frames white was almost as bad as removing wallpaper.  It's so tedious because the areas are small and there are so many crevices.  I'd love to have all the woodwork in the house white eventually, but thinking about it makes my stomach churn.)

Here are some pictures before:

And after:

I didn't want to paint the cabinets under the TV because I wasn't sure if I'd like the look of the white woodwork running into a white cabinet.  Maybe it'd look just fine though.  At this point, we think we might just stain it.  As for the mantle, we just love it so much we're scared to touch it. 

Any of you fancy DIY-ers or designers have any great ideas for those two things?

We're still tossing around the idea of repainting this room.  We'd also love to throw a few things on the walls and find some big couch pillows.  Still a work in progress!

Okay.  I'm totally changing the subject, but tomorrow night my sister, Colt, and I will be playing at Cuppies from 8ish-10ish.  We're doing mostly originals, but we'll have some Christmas tunes thrown in there.  And maybe even a little Rihanna.  I know, I totally just sucked you in.  Wondering how that's going to go down with a keyboard, guitar, and kick drum?  Come find out.  See you there!


  1. Nice job Colt! The living room looks so much brighter, love it! BUT my favorite thing is Duke's lil' stocking... :) The best!
    Have a blast tomorrow night! Love you guys.

    1. Thanks! Thought that one would fit him. :)

      Love/miss you!

  2. Oooh it looks so good! Both things make the room so much lighter and brighter!

    1. Thanks! May need to pick your brain for some ideas for the cabinet. :)

  3. It looks so good! You guys did a great job! I will say, I bought some giant couch pillows from Garden Ridge two years ago and I love them still! I can't remember exactly what I paid for them, but I do know that they were no where near the high prices everywhere else!

    1. Good to know! I got the rug in Duke's nursery there and thought it was a great deal. Hadn't thought about checking for pillows there. I'll have to do it!


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