Tuesday, August 27, 2013

living room - gray walls and a dresser

Our living room is done!  Well, done for now.  I guess a room is never really "done" is it? 

We started a few months ago with this:

Not terrible, but not incredibly fresh looking.

Our attack plan was this:
1. Get rid of the wallpaper underneath the paint that we painted when we moved in.
2. Texture the walls and ceiling.
3.  Paint the walls and ceiling.
4.  Rip out the built-in in the front of our living room that is not functional at all.
5.  Replace the wood paneling on that wall.
6.  Replace the wood floor where the built-in was.
7.  Move Duke's dresser into the living room.
8.  Mount the T.V.

We knew we wanted a gray.  These three Benjamin Moore colors were the ones we were tossing around.

(From left to right:  Harbor Gray, Platinum Gray, Galveston Gray)

I was going for a bigger, cleaner, and brighter look, so we chose the Benjamin Moore Aura Harbor Gray.  We are so pleased with our choice!  However, I will say the other two grays are absolutely beautiful.  If you're needing a darker or richer gray, they are great options!

Thanks to Spectrum Paint, all of this was possible.  They initially gave me 2 gallons of the Harbor Gray, but when I called to say that we ended up needing more, they didn't hesitate to provide me with another gallon.  Spectrum Paint also provided all of the supplies we needed - paintbrushes, drop cloths, rollers, roller trays.  I'm SO grateful for their help.  Our living room wouldn't look the way it does without the use of their quality products and paint.  Those are some good folks over there, you guys.  You should definitely use them on your next project.

Here are some pictures of the process:

(The dreaded wallpaper stripping.)

(After the wallpaper stripping, the texturing, and one coat of paint, we realized there were several bubbly sections throughout the wall.  I almost lost it.  We re-scraped those parts, painted some primer over them, re-textured, and re-painted.  Quite the saga.  Moral of the story:  Always paint primer over your walls after you scrape wallpaper.)

 (This was where Colt removed the built-in and replaced the wood paneling and wood floor beneath it.)

 The final product:

There are still some picky things we'd still like to fix:  the fireplace screen, matching 3 recessed lights with the newer ones we put in several months ago, hang stuff on the walls, maybe add some kind of shade for the window, get a bigger rug, throw in some colorful pillows.  So we're not done, but the bones of the room are good and, really, that's what counts.

We're loving our new gray wonderland!

*Paint and supplies were provided by Spectrum Paint but all opinions are my own.  Ways to connect with Spectrum Paint:  Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website
*All pictures taken by Makenzie from Photographed by: Makenzie


  1. The color looks awesome and I love the dresser find for under the TV!

  2. Oh my goodness - Claire, it looks AMAZING. Seriously, it looks like a different room. Even your furniture looks brighter and better. Crazy the wonder of paint. And I LOVE the dresser under the tv. It looks great. I am so excited to see it all in person!

  3. I love it! Excellent choice of color. I love your bookshelf!

  4. Lovely choice of paint colour, it makes your room look more spacious and warm.


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