Monday, December 2, 2013

get in another line

I could watch that scene over and over.

We had a long and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday complete with 5 Thanksgivings and lots of time with family.

Thanksgiving #1:  We had some great people over for dinner - steak, chicken, pasta, salad, and bread.  (We tried to stay away from all things Thanksgiving.)  Eric & Ashley from Norman, Kent and Chelsey from Tulsa, and Wade & Sandy from Chicago.  I loved getting to catch up with them.

Apologies for 2 photos that are practically the same.  Had to get one in of both Ashley and me. 

 (Can you tell which one was taken with an iPhone 4?)

Thanksgiving #2:  Reese and Sara had a last minute "let's get together and eat Chinese food" idea, so we made it happen on Wednesday afternoon.  Sara grabbed some take-out from our favorite place, Speedy Wok, and we washed it down with some eye watering Coke.  The 3 of us and Speedy Wok go way back so, as silly as it sounds, it was a really special afternoon getting to eat lunch with them just like old times.  And these two were some added entertainment.

Thanksgiving #3:  We ate the traditional Thanksgiving feast at my parents' house with my Grammy and Papa.  Isn't that first combo bite of turkey, dressing, and cranberry sauce magical?

Thanksgiving #4:  Our family went over to my Mama Lue and Grandad's house for Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday.  I was totally ready for round 2.

Thanksgiving #5:  We drove to Stillwater on Thanksgiving night to be with Colt's side and had our 3rd Thanksgiving meal on Friday afternoon.  But the great thing about the traditional feast is that there are still so many variations of it within different families.  It didn't feel like I repeated a meal at all!

Just a few of the many things I'm thankful for:

- Colt, my hero and my best friend
- Getting to enjoy life with Duke
- The opportunity/time to make this lullaby album
- Carrying our 2nd child
- An amazing (and growing) community group/church to share life with
- God's constant provision in so many ways

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

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  1. I'm totally just catching up, but
    Your comment about the iPhone pictures made me laugh. There really is such a big difference! I'm so thankful to have been included in your celebrating. So thankful for you!


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