Wednesday, December 4, 2013

less than 48 hours

We have less than 48 hours left on our Kickstarter and we need your help to reach our goal!

Remember, if we don't reach $6,000, we don't get any of it.

If you're on the fence about this lullaby album, let me assist you.

Are you a parent?
Are you a grandparent?
Are you an uncle/aunt?
Are you an elem./early childhood teacher?
Are you a music teacher?
Do you know people that are moms?
Are you ever around children?
Are you a human who likes to sleep?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then the answer is clear.  YOU NEED THIS CD!

Not convinced and need a list of the tracks?  Read my blog post about each track and why it's on the album.

Think it's going to sound like all of those annoying kid CDs you've heard before?  I seriously don't think it will.  We've worked hard with Dustin Ragland to make sure this is soothing for kids, but also enjoyable for adults.  If you're a fan of calm music in general, this is your jam.

Wish you could sample some clips of the songs before buying it?  Look no further.  We've put snippets of some songs on our Facebook page.  (Like our page if you haven't already!)

I'll make it easy on you.  Here are all of the snippets right here for your listening pleasure.  And stay tuned because we'll be adding another clip tonight and tomorrow!

(Dancing with My Baby - My sweet mom singing a song she wrote back in the early 90s)

(A Bushel and a Peck - I'm singing this song that my Mama Lue sang to us all the time growing up and now I get to sing it to Duke)

(Jesus Loves Me - Karlie sings this song and melts everybody's hearts while she's at it)

We have gotten tremendous support from so many of our friends, and we are so grateful for that.  But we need just a smidge more to get this project fully funded.  We appreciate it so much!

Hand and the Heart

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  1. What a fun project! Stopping by from the link-up! Happy Thursday!


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