Tuesday, June 30, 2015

nova's 1st birthday

Nova's first birthday was almost identical to Duke's.  We cooked out with our families and close friends, kids were everywhere, and it was perfect.  We ate dinner, watched Nova discover that the icing is the best part of the cupcake, and then opened presents.  It was a relaxed day that was simple and easy, yet very celebratory.  Nova is a precious little person ... even when she is battling an ear infection on her first birthday.  She was full of giggles, babbles, and smiles that day.

I was a lot more emotional for Duke's first birthday.  I think that's mostly because he was my first and I truly couldn't believe I had survived a year!  But I was also feeling uncertain of what was to come and was scared of the year I just said goodbye to.  What if that year was the best year?  What if I didn't soak it in enough?  What happens when things change and he gets older?  Those kinds of thoughts.  But what I've discovered is that every stage is better than the previous one.  Maybe not easier.  (3.5 is harder than 3 for sure!)  But every day that passes gets better because it's one more day that I have spent with my beautiful children, one more day that I get to know more and more about their little hearts, one more day to figure out what lights them up and makes them tick.  That is the honest truth.  I don't wish Duke was younger.  I don't wish Nova was a newborn.  I love watching them grow and learn.  I love watching them become little people. 

I soaked in a wonderful first year of my sweet Nova's life and I'm ready to soak in the next.

Happy birthday to my lovely little Nova!

As for the gorgeous photos?  Makenzie did it again.  She has captured so many pieces of our lives - Duke's nursery, before/after living room, before/after kitchen, family pictures, maternity photos, Nova's birth.  She always catches the perfect faces, the best moments, and the little details (like the picture with the cake and water spilled on the floor under Nova's highchair).  Her photos always come out looking so genuine even with the edits.  I just can't say enough about her.  If you're looking for a photographer, check out her website and contact her.  Our family is so thankful for her!

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