Monday, July 20, 2015

BFBN: how healthy sleep principles benefit infancy through preteen

It's Babywise Friendly Blog Network week, and our topic is sleep.  I know that these posts are going to be so helpful, so check out each of these ladies' blogs this week:

Monday:  Valerie at Chronicles of a Babywise Mom
Tuesday:  Shea at The Moses Home // Stephanie at Giving It Grace
Wednesday:  Brooke at Apffel a Day // Kimberly at Team Cartwright
Thursday:  Carrie at Wiley Adventures // Emily at The Journey of Parenthood
Friday:  Claire at My Devising // Elaine at Faithfully Infertile

I love Valerie's post today.  It's all about how good sleep habits follow our children into the preteen ages.  My favorite part is about how when our children are used to being well-rested, they learn how to take personal responsibility for their sleep.  They may make their own observation about how going to bed later means they don't sleep as well or they wake earlier.  They notice things like that because they are so accustomed to having good, healthy sleep consistently.  It was encouraging to read through some of the benefits of Babywise even as our children get older.

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