Tuesday, July 21, 2015

BFBN: importance of a sleep routine // protecting baby's first nap

It's Babywise Friendly Blog Network week, and our topic is sleep.  I know that these posts are going to be so helpful, so check out each of these ladies' blogs this week:

Monday:  Valerie at Chronicles of a Babywise Mom
Tuesday:  Shea at The Moses Home // Stephanie at Giving It Grace
Wednesday:  Brooke at Apffel a Day // Kimberly at Team Cartwright
Thursday:  Carrie at Wiley Adventures // Emily at The Journey of Parenthood
Friday:  Claire at My Devising // Elaine at Faithfully Infertile


There are 2 posts on sleep today.  Stephanie wrote about the importance of a sleep routine.  I like that she mentions how a sleep routine, which may seem rigid to some people, usually means that you are able to put your baby down almost anywhere for naps and bedtime.  That's how my kids have been.  Give them a room to sleep in and they'll do it.  She talks about how a routine actually gives her a lot of flexibility with things like late evenings at friends' houses, traveling, etc.


Shea's post is so great for any moms who are new to Babywise.  She wrote about protecting the baby's first nap of the day and how, a lot of the time, it influences how the rest of the day goes.  She explains how the first nap transforms and changes throughout your baby's first year.  This is a great resource for anyone needing to know what to expect as your baby grows.

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