Monday, August 24, 2015

the birthday club 2015

Our season started out with a little readjusting due to Nova's hospital stay and other life events.  But we did get around to celebrating Reese with big balloons, eating at Oak and Ore, and ending the night at Cheesecake Factory.

For Sara, we started at Bleu Garten for some appetizers and then dinner at Fassler Hall.  You guys, the pretzels and sauce.  To die for.  We used Lyft to get around and felt so fancy being chauffeured all night.

Just last week, we celebrated my birthday with dinner at Anchor Down.

After dinner, we walked over to Michael Murphy's Dueling Pianos.  I had never been and I absolutely loved it!  We were in heaven.  The crowd consisted of middle-aged folks, bachelorette parties, and the 3 of us.  I cannot tell you how exciting it was to lay down my request of "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips on the piano and then hear it played!  The musicians were really fabulous.  And even though the girl played "Blank Space" instead of "Bad Blood" like we had requested, I still give it all two thumbs up.  At the end of the night, we were hungry (surprise) so we drove through Cane's to get a little midnight snack.  It was the perfect night.

We all celebrated 29 years of living on this earth, and we've been friends for 15 of those.  I can hardly remember life before the three of us joined forces in 9th grade choir. 

Last year's birthday season was pretty memorable.  The other day, Reese, Sara, and I were texting and laughing about Sara's birthday.  And I'll never forget receiving the gift of bullous myringitis for my birthday.  So lame.

It's harder these days to plan our Birthday Club times and be able to stick to them.  But aside from the logistics of it, life is just heavier.  Sometimes you have to say to the other, "No.  We're celebrating your birthday even though you don't feel like it!"  That is when the blessing of true, honest, deep, and caring friendships is really understood.  No matter what, friends step in and we figure things out.  And the crappy parts of life, I think, will end up being some of the most beautiful ones in friendships.  These years are what all of those silly high school nights at Starbucks were for.  They were building a foundation for this.

Well, this concludes another season of The Birthday Club.  Love you, Reese and Sara.

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