Tuesday, May 13, 2014

third trimester reflections

I mean, technically my 3rd trimester is over on Friday, her due date, but who's counting?  Plus, if I don't post this now, who knows when I'd get around to it.

-I feel like I experienced the whole "you carry girls higher" thing around the beginning of this trimester.  I was feeling her (my belly) up more on my body.  I don't necessarily think you would compare pictures from this pregnancy and Duke's and really see a huge difference.  But it was enough for me to physically tell at one point.

-I had a weird sickness at 31 weeks - some kind of stomach virus or something.  It was awful being sick in my third trimester with a toddler.  This actually happened last time with Duke, except I was 38 weeks (and it was much worse).  I'm thankful for no other sicknesses since then!

-At my 34 week appointment with the high risk doctor (because of Colt's aortic valve he was born with), we found out that, like Duke, there were no signs of any heart defect.  Great news!  But our 5 lb. Nova was also breech again.  We were praying things would change by the time delivery rolled around.

-At my 35 week appointment, my doctor checked me and also casually said, "Well, she's head down."  We couldn't believe our ears!  We weren't going to have to get her turned after all!

-Tums should send me some sort of thank you note for keeping them in business.  I've had some acid reflux and heartburn at night, mostly around 37+ weeks.  However, it's manageable and still not horribly awful like I know some women have it.

-I started having sore/swollen feeling (but not swollen looking) hands at 37 weeks.  This was new and didn't happen with Duke.  But there wasn't any swelling on my feet or ankles, my blood pressure was normal, and there weren't any signs of preeclampsia, so I was perfectly fine.  My doctor just said it would be wise to make sure I'm drinking lots of water and watching my salt intake just to be safe.  Even now, I still have really sore hands.  (For example, it kind of hurts to snap my fingers.  It almost feels like how your hands feel after a long day of painting a room.  That kind of sore.)  My doctor said it could even be a carpal tunnel issue that would most likely go away once I gave birth.

-Thankfully, at a little over 37 weeks, the nursery was basically done.  I had inklings this whole time that maybe miss Nova would come earlier than her brother (who, if you remember, came right on his due date.  It's something like 5% of babies that do that.  Now that I know him though, it's so his personality to come exactly when planned!).  Because I thought she'd be early, there was an urgency to get things ready this time around.

-Sweets, sweets, sweets!  Give them all to me!  Ice cream, chocolate malts, gummy bears, coke (possibly with cherry and vanilla, please?), shasta, truffles.  I want it all!  Oh, and I also want chips and salads.  Most recently, I've been really into Frosted Flakes.  I usually have 3 bowls every morning.  Yes, THREE.

-Um, I kind of drool really ridiculous amounts at night when I sleep.  That's all I'll say about that.

-My dreams, along with many others' dreams, have all indicated that a short labor and delivery are in my future.  All dreams have centered around a total of 5 hours.  (Except for one of Kelsey's dreams in which the whole entire process took a total of 10 minutes.)  Somewhere between 10 minutes and 5 hours would definitely be awesome, but I'll take anything less than 20 hours.

-I feel kind of weak.  I mostly mean just my knees and quads.  Getting up from sitting on the floor is hard work.  I didn't feel like this with Duke, but I'm pretty sure it's because I was more faithful with my prenatal yoga.  I think I can count the number of times I've done it with this pregnancy. 

-I haven't dilated at all at this point (39.5 weeks), but I have an appointment tomorrow, so we'll see if anything has changed.

-I still haven't packed a hospital bag.  I should really get around to doing that.

-People have asked the usual questions -  How do you feel?  When you do think she'll come?  Are you planning on giving birth naturally again?  Etc.  All great questions.  But I got asked one of the best questions while I was out with Sara and Reese several weeks ago.  I ran into a sweet friend I hadn't seen in a long time.  We caught up a bit and then she asked, "So how's your heart?  Do you feel like it's made room for Nova and what's about to happen?"  I loved that question.  It's so perfect for a mom who's adding #2 to the family. There are so many unknowns and making room for all of the love and emotion has been a journey.  Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, though, because it gives you the perfect amount of time to stretch your heart.  At first, that was a big concern.  How would I find it in me to love 2 little humans so incredibly much?  But as time has passed, I feel very ready to bring this little girl into our home, into our family, and into our hearts. 

For my little "When will Nova arrive?" poll, the most popular answers were May 13th, May 15th, and May 17th or later.  We shall see!  At this point, just 3 days away from her due date, I have experienced zero signs of impending labor.  With Duke, my first big hint was my awful sickness during week 38, followed by a couple occasions of spotting, a general icky feeling, the loss of my mucus plug, some episodes of intense cramps, and then, of course, legitimate labor which began the night before his due date.  The flags of "hey, get ready because this is happening soon!" were definitely waving.  None of that has happened this time around, so it all seems very mysterious.  But that's what makes it so exciting!  She'll come when she's ready and I have no problem letting her/my body be the judge of that.  Onward to being 40 weeks pregnant!


  1. I think you look great! Such an exciting time, I'm sure.

  2. P.s. Your drool comment made me LOL.

  3. No pressure, because I know how annoying this is…haha…but every morning I check my instagram feed to see if Nova is here yet and see how you are doing!! :) Hugs! Creepy me! Haha!

  4. Man, you are so pretty! Seriously, you look so good! I definitely think Nova will be late, but that's because I act like I know things about this (when I really have no idea). I'm so glad she is head down - such good news!


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