Wednesday, February 12, 2014

top posts of 2013

This post is mainly for me I think.  It's interesting for me to see what people read this past year.  I don't really "gear" my blog towards what I feel "my readers" enjoy.  I kind of just write about whatever I want and hope it's enjoyed by someone.  I hope that's working out for you guys.

Here are my 15 most-read posts of 2013:

15.  30 x 30
14.  letters to duke - 18 months
13.  top 10 things to do in portland
12.  baby #2 coming soon
11.  dealing with growth spurts - guest post
10.  lullaby track list
9.  hey, so i'm selling neriumAD
8.  the best chocolate chip cookie ever (plus a giveaway winner)
7.  BFBN:  how to make achievable new year's resolutions {part 1}
6.  lush blow dry bar
5.  i'm gonna pop some tags
4.  memorial half marathon playlist 2013
3.  my real half marathon training schedule 2013
2.  dropping the morning nap
1.  that time i ran a half marathon without training

And here are some of my personal favorites:

rejoicing in trials
it's been 5 years
the formula for being a perfect mom
the 16 most dramatic teen songs (circa 1998-2003)
living room - gray walls and a dresser
running and birthing have a lot in common
colorado road trip 2013
babywise is worth the work
my favorite photo of me (plus reese and sara)
the hope of spring
what i learned from the closet clean out
i'm proud to be a mom
i'm going to cry for the rest of my life
what 5 stitches taught me

I had a really successful year of blogging in 2013.  Success for me is:

a.  I enjoy it.
b.  I'm fairly consistent.
c.  People read it. (Note:  I didn't specify how many people.)

All of those are true so I'm good!

I really enjoy this little hobby.  After 5.5 years of doing it without being "blog famous," y'all have to believe me when I say that I really am blogging because I like it.  If I wasn't, I guarantee I'd be done.  Sure, it'd be fun for people to be all, "OMG - look at this post *share*share*share*share*."  But if that's not what is naturally happening, then that's just real life.  While I always want to work on being a better writer, I'm not going to manipulate things to where people think I'm someone that I'm not.  I truly hope that the people I know in real life read this thing and hear ME, Claire, talking. 

Thanks to all of you wonderful people for reading.  I hope you'll stick around!

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  1. I love that YOU love writing this. I love keeping up with you through your blog and I think you are a really great writer. It is interesting to see what your most popular posts are. And I would definitely say this was a successful year for you my friend!


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